Burlesque Hen Parties, birthday experiences and special occasions
We can accommodate any party size and have various locations throughout the U.K please email with your location and date for a personalised quotation. 
 Prices start from £140
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Burlesque is increasingly becoming more popular and is working its way into mainstream and has no signs of stopping! Release your inner burlesque beauty! Burlesque is great for releasing your inhibitions, feeling comfortable in your own skin and most of all to have fun.  You will learn the art of posing, classic bump and grind, wiggles and how to shimmy and shake like a true burlesque star.

Burlesque is great for building confidence, releasing inhibitions,  feeling comfortable in your own skin, and most of all fun!   

No matter what your size or fitness level we have a class for you.  All parties are conducted in a relaxed non threatening environment. You get a full lesson 1-3 hour depending on your requirements with an experience dancer who loves to dance and loves music.
Dress  Code:  Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in, if you feel daring dress up but not essential
Shoes: Preferably heels you can dance in.  

Please email your enquiry stating estimated date, location and party number